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Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Agricultural Engineering (AG)
Architecture and Planning (AR)
Biotechnology (BT)
Civil Engineering (CE01)
Civil Engineering (CE02)
Chemical Engineering (CH)
Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)
Chemistry (CY)
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Ecology and Evolution (EY)
Geology and Geophysics (GG)
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
Mathematics (MA)
Mechanical Engineering (ME01)
Mechanical Engineering (ME02)
Mining Engineering (MN)
Metallurgical Engineering (MT)
Petroleum Engineering (PE)
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)

Chemistry (XL-P)
Biochemistry (XL-Q)
Microbiology (XL-S)
Zoology (XL-T)
Food Technology (XL-U)

Engineering Mathematics (XE-A)
Fluid Mechanics (XE-B)
Materials Science (XE-C)
Solid Mechanics (XE-D)
Thermodynamics (XE-E)
Polymer Science and Engineering (XE-F)
Food Technology (XE-G)
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (XE-H)