Judicial Services Exams

Odisha Judiciary Exam 2023

The Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) has published the Odisha Judicial Services Recruitment 2022 for the post of Civil Judge on its official website. A total of 53 positions in the Odisha Judicial Service 2022 Law Department have been notified, with 17 seats reserved for female candidates. Online applications for the exam became available on December 21, 2021, and closed on January 20, 2022. 

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Examination Pattern and details

Eligibility Criteria

There are some conditions of the eligibility criteria which every applicant must fulfill before they apply for the selection process of Odisha Civil Services (Judicial). The details of the eligibility criteria have been given here:

  • An applicant must be the citizen of India.

  • He must have completed the bachelor level degree in law from a recognized institute or university.

  • The age of the applicants must not exceed 21 years.

  • The maximum age of the candidates must not be more than 35 years.

  • The candidates of the reserved category will be given the appropriate relaxation in their upper age.

  • The relaxation in the upper age for the candidates of the SC and ST category will be 5 years.

  • Candidates of the OBC category will be offered the age relaxation of 3 years.

Scheme of Examination

Odisha Judicial Services Exam Pattern

Odisha High Court Recruitment 2022 will be conducted in three different stages:

  •  Preliminary Examination.

  •  Main Examination

  •  Interview

The candidate must qualify in three stages. The pattern of the preliminary examination, main examination, and interview are all outlined. The complete test pattern for Odisha Judicial Services Recruitment 2022 is provided in the table below:

Candidates can also check the OPSC Exam Pattern here.

Examination Type

Total Marks

Time Duration

Preliminary Examination


01 hours 30 minutes

Mains Examination Paper 1


02 hours 30 minutes

Mains Examination Paper 2


02 hours 30 minutes

Odisha Judicial Services Prelims Exam Pattern 2022

The Preliminary Examination Pattern will be worth 100 marks and will last one hour and thirty minutes. One-fourth of a point is deducted for each wrong answer and one point is given for each correct answer. The exam contains a total of 100 questions. The prelims exam pattern is given below:


Total Questions

Total Marks

Time Duration

Constitution of India, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act, The Indian Penal Code (IPC), Limitation Act, Property Transfer Act, Act of Contracting, Succession law (Indian succession Act and Hindu succession act), Specific Relief act



01 hours 30 minutes


A candidate must achieve the required number of points in the preliminary exam to be eligible for the mains examination. The minimum qualification mark for SC and ST applicants is 35%. A minimum qualification score of 40% is necessary for candidates in the other categories.

Odisha Judicial Services Mains Exam Pattern 2022

The main test consists of two mandatory papers and three optional papers. The following are the examination patterns for both mandatory and optional examinations. Paper I and Paper II are each worth 150 points. Paper I and Paper II each last 2 hours and 30 minutes. There will be two passages, one in English to be translated into Odia and the other in Odia to be retranslated into English.



Total Marks

Total Time Duration

Paper 1

General English

  • Questionable passage

  • 10 lines of translation and retranslation

  • A short essay

  • Precis writing with 300 words


02 hours 30 min

Paper 2

Procedural Law

  • The 1973 Code of Criminal Procedure

  • The Civil Procedure Code of 1908

  • The 1872 Indian Evidence Act


02 hours 30 min

Odisha Judicial Services Mains Optional Papers 2022

The details are given in the table below:




Law of torts & Law of criminal


3 Hours

Persona Law

  • Law of Hinduism

  • The Law of Mohammed


3 Hours

Property law

  • Property Transfer Act of 1982

  • The Specific Relief Act of 1963

  • The Indian Limitation Act of 1963


3 Hours

Contract Law

  • Indian Contract Act of 1872

  • The Sales of Goods Act of 1930

  • Partnership Act of 1932

  • Act on Negotiable Instruments of 1881


3 Hours

Jurisprudence and constitution


3 Hours


  • Applicants must choose three subjects.
  • Each subject would be for 150 marks and takes three hours to complete.

The candidate must have a minimum qualification score to be considered for the interview. Applicants with a 45 percent total score and at least 33 percent in each of the main written examination papers will be called to an interview.


Students who pass the main exam are invited to an interview, which is worth 100 points. The interviewer has the authority to ask questions from the mains test syllabus. During the interview, questions regarding national and international issues, as well as topics of common interest in the arts and sciences, may be asked.

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