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In Kilkari there is a Bachcha Bank for children. This bank has been opened with the aim of teaching the children – habit of saving, the correct use of money and its proper management. This is miniature form of bank called ‘Gullak’. Its total management is done by children. For proper working of this bank a Committee of children has been formed which looks after the banks working and management.

The children enrolled in Kilkari can become a member of ‘Gullak’. An account can be opened with the minimum of ten rupees. Children can deposit or withdraw Re 1/- at least. At the end of the financial year 6% annual interest is given on the deposit amount by ‘Gullak’.

At the end of the financial year Rs. 75/- is given as encouragement on the balance of Rs.500/- or more. If the child reaches sixteen years or more then his/her account is transferred from Kilkari to a government bank. After every three months ‘Gullak’ gives the award of ‘Best Account Holder’ also.