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Basic Economics MCQs

Demand and Supply Analysis, including Laws and Interaction
Production Function and Laws of Returns
Commodity Pricing-Characteristics of various Market Forms under such Market form
Theory of Factor Pricing-Rent, Wage, Interest and profit
Theory of Employment-Classical and Neo-classical Approach
Keynesian Theory of Employment
Principle of Effective Importance of Investment,
Nature and Functions of Money
Value of Money
Fluctuation Money-Inflation and Deflation
Monetary Policy,
Index Numb
International Trade
Free Trade and Protection,
Theories Trade
Foreign Exchange
Determination of the rate of Exchange Parity
Theory and Balance of Payment Theory
Public Finance
Nature, Scope and importance of Public Finance
Meaning, Classification and Principles of Taxation
Deficit Financing
Fiscal Policy

Indian Economy
Statistical Investigation
Meaning and Planning of investigation
Collection of data and editing of data
Types of sampling
Schedule and questionnaire
Presentation of data-Classification, tabulation, etc
Measures of Central Tendency
National Income and Accounting
Estimation of National National Income,
Structural changes in the Indian Economy Income Data
Agricultural Development during Planning
Agricultural Price Policy,
Rural Development
Co-operative Raj
Industrial Policy and Industrial Development
Problems of Economic Development
Indian Planning-Objective and its evolution, Five Year Plans

Banking Regulations
Knowledge of general banking regulations
Knowledge of SEBI and its
Aware of the key points of banking regulations


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